Changing Mirrors

Repository files define URLs for the repository mirror used. These files are installed by the package manager in /usr/share/xbps.d, but if duplicate files are found in /etc/xbps.d, those values are used instead.

To modify mirror URLs cleanly, copy all the repository configuration files to to /etc/xbps.d and change the URLs in each repository file in /etc/xbps.d.

# mkdir -p /etc/xbps.d
# cp /usr/share/xbps.d/*-repository-*.conf /etc/xbps.d/
# sed -i 's||<repository>|g' /etc/xbps.d/*-repository-*.conf

After changing the URLs, you must synchronize xbps with the new mirrors:

# xbps-install -S

You should see the new repository URLs while synchronizing. You can also use xbps-query to verify the repository URLs, but only after they have been synchronized:

$ xbps-query -L
 9970 (RSA signed)
   27 (RSA signed)
 4230 (RSA signed)
   47 (RSA signed)
 5368 (RSA signed)