NetworkManager(8) is a daemon that manages network connections on Ethernet, WiFi, and mobile broadband devices and operates as an all-in-one solution to network management. The NetworkManager package contains the basic utilities to run NetworkManager(8).

Starting NetworkManager

To enable the NetworkManager(8) daemon, first disable any other network managing services like dhcpcd, wpa_supplicant, or wicd. These services all control network interface configuration, and interfere with each other.

Also, ensure that the dbus service is enabled and running. NetworkManager(8) uses dbus to expose networking information and a control interface to clients and will fail to start without it.

Finally, enable the NetworkManager(8) service:

# ln -s /etc/sv/NetworkManager /var/service/

Configuring NetworkManager

The NetworkManager package includes a command line tool, nmcli(1), and a Text User Interface, nmtui(1) to control network settings.

There are many other front-ends to NetworkManager(8), including nm-applet for system trays, nm-plasma for KDE Plasma, and a built in network configuration tool in GNOME.