Protection and Control Utilities

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Protection and Control Utilities

Draft Standard P1003.6.2gif, Draft Standard for Information Technology - Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) Part 2: Shell and Utilities - Amendment: Protection and Control Utilities provides the necessary utilities needed for users to utilize the security mechanisms that are provided by the P1003.6 interfaces. The P1003.6.2 Utility standard also specifies necessary modifications to the execution environment utilities specified in the IEEE P1003.2 Shell and Utilities standard.

The P1003.6.2 Utility Standard specifies utilities for four of the five area addressed in the POSIX.6 interfaces standard. The four areas include:

There are no utilities specified in the audit area because there is no impact on the syntax or semantics of any POSIX.2 utilities or functions, nor is there any need for user utilities to utilize the audit mechanisms specified in the POSIX.6 interface standard.

John Barkley
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