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From SOT Linux 2003 Server CD-ROM

Name: cdrecord Distribution: SOT Linux 2003 R1 Server
Version: 1.10 Vendor: SOT
Release: 4 Build date: Fri Jan 17 19:59:01 2003
Group: Work/Utilities/Archiving Build host:
Size: 1888153 Source RPM: cdrecord-1.10-4.src.rpm
Packager: SOT Linux Team <>
Summary: A command line CD/DVD recording program.
Cdrecord is an application for creating audio and data CDs. Cdrecord
works with many different brands of CD recorders, fully supports
multi-sessions and provides human-readable error messages.
The cdrecord package also contains a SCSI user level transport
library which can talk to any SCSI device without a special driver for
the device. Cdrecord can easily be ported to any system with a SCSI
device driver similar to the scg driver.
The mkisofs program is used as a pre-mastering program; i.e., it
generates the ISO9660 filesystem.  Mkisofs takes a snapshot of
a given directory tree and generates a binary image of the tree
which will correspond to an ISO9660 filesystem when written to
a block device.  Mkisofs is used for writing CD-ROMs, and includes
support for creating bootable El Torito CD-ROMs.
Cdda2wav is a sampling utility for CD-ROM drives that are capable of
providing a CD's audio data in digital form to your host. Audio data
read from the CD can be saved as .wav or .sun format sound files.
Recording formats include stereo/mono, 8/12/16 bits and different
rates.  Cdda2wav can also be used as a CD player.





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