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From SOT Linux 2003 Server CD-ROM

Name: bash Distribution: SOT Linux 2003 R1 Server
Version: 2.05b Vendor: SOT
Release: 2 Build date: Wed Apr 23 19:21:10 2003
Group: System/Base Build host:
Size: 1218089 Source RPM: bash-2.05b-2.src.rpm
Packager: SOT Linux Team <>
Summary: The GNU Bourne Again shell (bash) version 2.05b.
The GNU Bourne Again shell (Bash) is a shell or command language
interpreter that is compatible with the Bourne shell (sh). Bash
incorporates useful features from the Korn shell (ksh) and the C shell
(csh). Most sh scripts can be run by bash without modification. This
package (bash) contains bash version 2.05b, which improves POSIX
compliance over previous versions. However, many old shell scripts
will depend upon the behavior of bash 1.14, which is included in the
bash1 package. Bash is the default shell for SOT Linux.  It is
popular and powerful, and you'll probably end up using it.

Documentation for bash version 2.05b is contained in the bash-doc





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