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Packages beginning with letter U

ucd-snmp-4.2.3-1 A collection of SNMP protocol tools from UC-Davis. linux/i386
umb-scheme-3.2-21 An implementation of the Scheme programming language. linux/i386
unarj-2.43-10 An uncompressor for .arj format archive files. linux/i386
unixODBC-2.0.8-5 A complete ODBC Driver Manager for Linux linux/i386
unzip-5.50-1 A utility for unpacking zip files. linux/i386
up2date-1.2-2 A utility to keep your system up2date. linux/i386
usbview-1.0-4 USB topology and device viewer linux/i386
usermode-1.42-7 Graphical tools for certain user account management tasks. linux/i386
utempter-0.5.2-5 A privileged helper for utmp/wtmp updates. linux/i386
util-linux-2.11l-7 A collection of basic system utilities. linux/i386
uucp-1.06.1-29 The uucp utility for copying files between systems. linux/i386

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