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RPM of Group Programming/Miscellaneous

autoconf-2.13-17 A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code. linux/noarch
dmalloc-4.8.1-8 Debug Malloc (Dmalloc) linux/i386
gperf-2.7.2-3 A perfect hash function generator. linux/i386
librep-0.14-3 An embeddable LISP environment linux/i386
perl-DBI-1.18-2 A database access API for perl linux/i386
perl-DBD-MySQL-1.2216-6 A MySQL interface for perl linux/i386
pmake-2.1.34-8 The BSD 4.4 version of make. linux/i386
pmake-customs-2.1.34-8 A remote execution facility for pmake. linux/i386
rcs-5.7-16 Revision Control System (RCS) file version management tools. linux/i386
Zope-2.4.0-4 An application server and portal toolkit for building Web sites. linux/i386

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