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Packages beginning with letter M

m4-1.4-16 The GNU macro processor. linux/i386
mailx-8.1.1-21 The /bin/mail program for sending e-mail messages. linux/i386
make-3.79.1-8 A GNU tool which simplifies the build process for users. linux/i386
MAKEDEV-3.2-15 A program used for creating the device files in /dev. linux/i386
man- A set of documentation tools: man, apropos and whatis. linux/i386
man-pages-1.39-3 Man (manual) pages from the Linux Documentation Project. linux/noarch
Manual-Server-1.0-12 Manual for SOT Linux 2003 R1 Server linux/noarchNew
mc-4.5.54-7 A user-friendly file manager and visual shell. linux/i386
mcserv-4.5.54-7 Server for the Midnight Commander network file management system. linux/i386
memprof-0.4.1-6 Tool for memory profiling and leak detection linux/i386
metamail-2.7-30 A program for handling multimedia mail using the mailcap file. linux/i386
mgetty-1.1.26-7 A getty replacement for use with data and fax modems. linux/i386
mikmod-3.1.6-15 A MOD music file player. linux/i386New
mingetty-0.9.4-16 A compact getty program for virtual consoles only. linux/i386
minicom-1.83.1-16 A text-based modem control and terminal emulation program. linux/i386
mkbootdisk-1.4.2-9 Creates an initial ramdisk image for preloading modules. linux/i386
mkinitrd-3.0.10-6 Creates an initial ramdisk image for preloading modules. linux/i386
mktemp-1.5-12 A small utility for safely making /tmp files. linux/i386
mkxauth-1.7-16 A utility for managing .Xauthority files. linux/noarch
mm-1.1.3-9 Shared Memory Abstraction Library linux/i386
mod_dav-1.0.2-7 A DAV module for Apache. linux/i386
mod_perl-1.27-1 An embedded Perl interpreter for the Apache Web server. linux/i386
modutils-2.4.21-3 Module utilities linux/i386New
mouseconfig-4.22-6 The SOT Linux mouse configuration tool. linux/i386
mozilla-1.2.1-3 Web browser and mail reader linux/i386
mpage-2.5.1-9 A tool for printing multiple pages of text on each printed page. linux/i386New
mrtg-2.9.17-1 Multi Router Traffic Grapher linux/i386
mt-st-0.6-4 Programs to control tape device operations. linux/i386
mtools-3.9.8-6 mtools, read/write/list/format DOS disks under Unix linux/i386
mtr-0.44-2 Ping/Traceroute network diagnostic tool linux/i386
mtx-1.2.13-2 A SCSI media changer control program. linux/i386
mysql-3.23.54a-3 MySQL client programs and shared library. linux/i386
mysql-devel-3.23.54a-3 Files for development of MySQL applications. linux/i386
mysql-server-3.23.54a-3 The MySQL server and related files. linux/i386

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