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From SOT Linux 2003 Server CD-ROM

Name: LPRng Distribution: SOT Linux 2003 R1 Server
Version: 3.7.4 Vendor: SOT
Release: 31 Build date: Sat Jan 18 00:07:03 2003
Group: System/BaseAddons/Daemons Build host:
Size: 4571948 Source RPM: LPRng-3.7.4-31.src.rpm
Packager: SOT Linux Team <>
Summary: The LPRng print spooler.
LPRng is an enhanced, extended, and portable implementation of the
Berkeley LPR print spooler functionality. LPRng provides the same
interface and meeting RFC1179 requirements, but the implementation is
completely new and provides support for the following features:
lightweight (no databases needed) lpr, lpc, and lprm programs; dynamic
redirection of print queues; automatic job holding; highly verbose
diagnostics; multiple printers serving a single queue; client programs
do not need to run SUID root; greatly enhanced security checks; and a
greatly improved permission and authorization mechanism.

LPRng is compatible with other print spoolers and network printers
that use the LPR interface and meet RFC1179 requirements. LPRng
provides emulation packages for the SVR4 lp and lpstat programs,
eliminating the need for another print spooler package. These
emulation packages can be modified according to local requirements, in
order to support vintage printing systems.

For users who require secure and/or authenticated printing support,
LPRng supports Kerberos V, MIT Kerberos IV Print Support, and PGP
authentication. Additional authentication support is extremely simple
to add.




GPL and Artistic

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