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Packages beginning with letter L

lclint-2.5r-5 An implementation of the lint program linux/i386
less-358-18 A text file browser similar to more, but better. linux/i386
lha-1.14g-5 Lha creates and expands lharc format archives. linux/i386
libacl-2.2.3-2 Dynamic library for access control list support. linux/i386
libao-0.7.0-3 Cross Platform Audio Output Library linux/i386
libart_lgpl-2.3.11-2 Library of graphics routines used by libgnomecanvas linux/i386
libattr-2.2.0-2 Dynamic library for extended attribute support. linux/i386
libc-5.4.46-7 The compatibility libraries needed by old applications. linux/i386
libcap-1.10-7 Library for getting and setting POSIX.1e capabilities linux/i386
libelf-0.7.0-3 An ELF object file access library linux/i386
libgcc-3.2.1-1 Shared gcc library linux/i386
libglade-0.16-3 The libglade library for loading user interfaces linux/i386
libgtop-1.0.12-5 The LibGTop library linux/i386
libjpeg-6b-17 A library for manipulating JPEG image format files. linux/i386
libjpeg-devel-6b-17 Development tools for programs which will use the libjpeg library. linux/i386
libmng-1.0.2-3 A library which supports MNG graphics. linux/i386
libogg-1.0-2 The Ogg bitstream file format library. linux/i386
libole2-0.2.3-2 Structured Storage OLE2 library and files to develop libole2 applications linux/i386
libpcap-0.6.2-8 A system-independent interface for user-level packet capture. linux/i386
libpng-1.0.15-5 A library of functions for manipulating PNG image format files. linux/i386
libPropList-0.10.1-9 Ensures program compatibility with GNUstep/OPENSTEP. linux/i386
librep-0.14-3 An embeddable LISP environment linux/i386
libsafe-2.0.13-1 Stack Overflow protection linux/i386
libsane1-1.0.5-3 SANE - local and remote scanner access. This package contains the sane library. linux/i386
libstdc++-3.2.1-1 GNU c++ library linux/i386
libstdc++-compat-3.2.1-1 GNU old c++ library linux/i386
libstdc++-devel-3.2.1-1 Header files and libraries for C++ development linux/i386
libtermcap-2.0.8-30 A basic system library for accessing the termcap database. linux/i386
libtiff-3.5.5-13 A library of functions for manipulating TIFF format image files. linux/i386
libtiff-devel-3.5.5-13 Development tools for programs which will use the libtiff library. linux/i386
libtool-1.4-2 The GNU libtool, which simplifies the use of shared libraries. linux/i386
libungif-4.1.0-11 A library for manipulating GIF format image files. linux/i386
libungif-devel-4.1.0-11 Development tools for programs which will use the libungif library. linux/i386
libunicode-0.7-1 A unicode manipulation library linux/i386
libvorbis-1.0-3 The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec. linux/i386
libwmf-0.1.21-4 A library to convert wmf files. linux/i386
libxml-1.8.10-3 An XML library. linux/i386
libxml2-2.4.23-2 Library providing XML and HTML support linux/i386
libxml2-devel-2.4.23-2 Libraries, includes, etc. to develop XML and HTML applications linux/i386
libxslt-1.0.19-2 Library providing the Gnome XSLT engine linux/i386
lilo-22.5.1-1 The boot loader for Linux and other operating systems. linux/i386
LinPopUp-1.2.0-1 Linux enhanced port of WinPopUp. linux/i386
linux-ntfs-1.2.1-3 NTFS filesystem libraries and utilities linux/i386
linuxconf-1.30-2 A system configuration tool. linux/i386
lm_sensors-2.5.5-7 Hardware monitoring tools. linux/i386
locale_config-0.3-3 Locale configuration linux/i386
lockdev-1.0.0-12 A library for locking devices. linux/i386
logrotate-3.6.8-2 Rotates, compresses, removes and mails system log files. linux/i386
lout-3.17-10 The Lout document formatting language with documentation. linux/i386
LPRng-3.7.4-31 The LPRng print spooler. linux/i386
lsb-1.1-20031003LSBServer Linux Standard Base (LSB) linux/i386
lsbdev-1.1.2-3 LSB Build environment linux/i386
lslk-1.28-3 A lock file lister. linux/i386
lsof-4.57-3 Lists files open by processes linux/i386
ltrace-0.3.10-9 Tracks runtime library calls from dynamically linked executables. linux/i386
lvm-0.9.1_8-2 Logical Volume Manager (LVM) utilities linux/i386
lynx-2.8.5-10 A text-based Web browser. linux/i386

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